Friday, 26 June 2009

Royal Marine Comandos Helmand

This photo is not one of mine, it is British Royal Marines in Afganistan Helmand province. I thought i would put up this shot as tomorrow in the U.K is the first armed forces day. It will celebrate our boys and girls in Her majestys forces for the great work they do. Please remember they are trying to save lifes, so ordinary people can live without fear.


  1. A strong picture. The atmosphere is quite heavy with the flying sand and the helicopter.

  2. wow....our "boys and girls"....that is a chilling thought. Your posting this picture is a nice tribute to them....bravo!
    ( sorry I am late with my comment )

  3. pic of the rainbow on your title!
    I am reminded of that song that, I believe it was Country Joe and the Fish, sang at Woodstock, 40 years ago...
    "Your love is like a rainbow
    falling all around my shoulders"