Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Johnathon Seagull

This herring gull was hitching a ride on the guard rail of the Dunoon to Gourock ferry, Scotland.


  1. I SOOOOOOOOOOOO love these photos. Wow. Blow my mind away! Great job, Alex.

    PS Love your new header, too. :)

  2. awwww, how cute. Did anyone ask him for his ticket?
    btw, thank you for stopping by my poetry blog and leaving a comment on my latest little poem. It was a poem written at the spur of the moment as I signed on to my blog today, and discovered my visitor count was up to 1666, so I freaked! Cos as you know, the number 666 is the devil! And now that you have come to visit my blog, you've changed that number for me...thanks! You are mine angel today!!!

  3. Some of these gulls are very photogenic :)

    Check out Jill the Gull here ...