Saturday, 4 July 2009


This grave is over 200 hundred years old. It is only marked with a skull and crossbones believed to represent that the person died from the plague, which was rife at that time. Or does it represent a pirate grave.


  1. Wow Alex, that is a unbelievably gorgeous grave stone... you know me, I love the poetry such an image evokes... Pirate or plague victim? Old or young ? Male female ? Pure mystery, haunting image... beautiful job !

  2. Interesting gravestone. I have not ever seen anything like this before. I love the mystery behind the entire thing. Great image!

  3. This is so interesing. Now Im going to be looking for a skull & cross bones marked stone. Wish me luck!

  4. Every grave stone tells a story, don't it?
    Love the colors in the stone and the moss growing on it.
    Hey, btw....we've you been, Alex? On a holiday?
    You are missed!