Tuesday, 9 June 2009


This shot was taken in a hotel room in Campbeltown Scotland. My camera accidently went off and this was the result. What do you think, ghost or just a camera malfunction.


  1. definitively weird. were you wearing glasses? this is freaking me out! lol

  2. I think it's camera malfunction. It looks like there was an image of a dog that bled over.

    In any case. This is still a scary picture.

  3. Yeah..kinda spooky, I would agree.

    Say...still checking for those butterflies!! =)

  4. guess I didn't scare ya with that boo, cos ya thanked me for it! hahaha

  5. Alex i dont think the pic is a malfunction.I think ,well i know that you have caught on camera a friend from spirit,i think if you dig deep in the family you have an old picture of this man .please let me know when you find it, i know people who have been trying to get a shot like this for a long time .Well done.

    love and light sandy